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yuqingtang2010-12-31 17:08

update order management transaction types' name:
verify xx int material adj order
update oversea simple workflow line type instruction.
add step 51 define return  order type lookup,update orig step 51-54 to step 52-55
add step 05 define order profile options responsibility comment
update step 25-defining order management transaction types, conversion type base on subsidiary:spot/corporate/公司
renew step 34-grants role with user, role column is upgrade role
renew step 47-define responsibility
update step 52-define intercompany parameters,add vendor site currency column,add ou_xx_yyyy>ou_ss2_1241 selling&purchasing
delete step 53- define intercompany exception parameters,because order type rule consolidate,
update .10  change point
"update 12-document sequences&26-assign order number format application name,
update 48-responsibility xxxx_yyyy_om_po_adj_import's menu"
update order management setup checklist , add column "related to eco"
update ××standard order line's workflow to: line flow - generic update price(hw customization)
"update step25 add define ‘xx auto intercomp order line’ ;update define 'xx int material sales order' add set auto_ship_order_line_type to
'xx auto intercomp order line' and assign 'xx auto intercomp order line' to 'xx int material sales order';
update ××standard order line's workflow of  'xx int material sales order' to: line flow - generic update price(hw customization)"
update step24 update "hw zar product price list" the value of value from to "hw xxx product price list"
update base on erp r12
1、update step25 cancell  setup of accounting rule
2、cancell the value of “公司” from setup of  conversion type
3、update step02 update the value of application from “oracle order management” to “order management”
4、update step26 update the “set of books” to “ledger” and add the windows of .10 and r12
5、update step38 add uom、enable workflows add the changed windows of r12

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