Modeling & Casting

If any Professional company wants to present a new product first they have to choose the best models and know how to use them to fit with there products. Crew Art is always prepared to provide you with a professional one that perfectly fit for the role. Putting their best performance forward in your session.

Fashion Model:

If you have a product that you want to present in a professional photo session just as the well-known magazines do, we will offer you ones that totally fits.

Runway Model:

It is somehow different from the fashion model if you want to present your new collection in a professional event we can bring you experienced models at the same career to show the final outfit in a very fancy way.

Commercial Model:

And if your main career is not fashion but you want to present your product in a classy way we could bring you a model to help with it whatever what the industry is. (House wares, food products, travel industry, tech devices, and the list go on).

Plus, Size Model:

When it comes to fashion you have to offer varied sizes to match your customer needs and also you can make an event as an advantage to catch this segment we will offer you a model that fits too.

Petite / Parts Model:

If your main product in fashion field is shoe or gloves we could offer you a model with a specific size to bring the products to the light in a stunning outfit.

Child Model:

For these little angels' outfits, we care to provide you a tiny gorgeous model at 12 years old maximum to help you to show their clothes in a professional way.

Swimsuit/Lingerie and Glamour Model:

If you are a business owner that your main products are lingerie, undergarments, sleepwear and summer wear. Then you need a different kind of models with different sizes. We could offer you a stunning one too.

Fitness Model:

It's more like the commercial models but they work just for the sporty clothes and supplies. So they have to have a different shape than the other ones.

Fit Model:

models who can help you before showing up your final results by testing the outfit during the whole process to make sure that every single detail is perfect.

Promotional Model:

Same at commercial but they present the product in a live event so we can offer you very friendly ones and we will give her the product knowledge required to talk about the product or answer questions from potential customers.

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