3D Design

Over recent years the visual style of 3D has changed and morphed into something subtler so we could get it into so many industries and make it suits your products Crew Art supports you with a qualified team to represent your identity in the most professional way and makes you always up to date with the latest trends We create your outstanding martial and renders to match on toony style. And also we can help you in your place by creating specific architectural designs and ideas. We are capable of Furnishing your imaginative far-fetched Designs to become real in the Digital Realm. Our exclusive 3D services include:

  • - 3D Cartoon Animation.
  • - 3D Motion Graphics.
  • - Visual effects.
  • - Titles sequences.
  • - Channels identity.
  • - TV Program identity.
And to get you on the line there are three main stages for a 3D animation production that we go throw while the process:

Pre-Production Stage

it starts with storyboarding It is made up of drawings in the form of a comic strip, to both help visualize the animation and to communicate ideas clearly the second step is the Layouts. After approving Story Board, we start to design the locations and costumes. Then they begin to stage the scenes, showing the various characters' positions throughout the course of each shot. Then they are drawn groups of pictures that show all of the possible expressions that a character can make in a model sheet to maintain character detail The character designs are finalized during this stage. Then the final step is Animates It is a created simplified mock-up within the VFX studio, in order to give a better idea of the motion and timing of complex animation sequences and VFX-heavy scenes.

Production Stage

based on the last step the first action we take is the layout it means to deliver what the storyboard artists had previously drawn on paper into a 3D version. Modelling the 2D concept art into high detail, then to complete the final stages in preparing the model for animation and rendering. We move to the next step the Texturing and lighting it to bring together all of the elements that have been created after that we come to rigging it’s the process of making their costume move in a believable manner it's defining the movements, developing cloth simulation and so on. The last step is Animation its where we provide the elements like dust smoke or water for example.

Post-production Stage

it’s the last phase but the most important one. First, we go with Compositing to create the final rendered image ready for a film then we move to video editing step to remove any unwanted footage and scenes and make sure that the video flows in a way which achieves the initial goal. After that, the last step is the sound editing by preparing the soundtracks and sound effects to use them for the final sound mix.

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