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Are you ready for your next project ? !! 

Crew art offers a wide range of the latest photography equipment, cameras, lenses, and lighting. We also offer studios equipped with the latest equipment for sound and graphics production, all of this and more under one roof.


The new Triangle Master comes in six distinctive lengths. You’ll begin little and grow it afterward. The Triangle Master is outlined for fast setup and breakdown, as it was requiring one tool to put it together. No locking starts required to collect these jib arms! The Triangle Master can carry up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) of camera bundle weight. Each Triangle Master Bundle incorporates Jib Arm, Triangle Professional Inaccessible Head (with Control Box, Battery Pack and Charger, 110V or 220V Transformer, Iris/Focus Engines, Zoom/Focus Controller, Pan/Tilt Controller, 6 ft. Expansion Cable, and Rule 8-Pin Video Focal point Bolster), and Froth Embed.


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