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DJI Osmo Camera


Are you ready for your next project ? !! 

Crew art offers a wide range of the latest photography equipment, cameras, lenses, and lighting. We also offer studios equipped with the latest equipment for sound and graphics production, all of this and more under one roof.



If you are looking for the most stable and versatile DJI Osmo camera, you will be able to get it with Crow Art is an amazing camera for shooting professional video recording for TVC, short films, or actually for amazing YouTube recordings. The DJI Osmo camera will give you cinematic quality and fitness as you master. With the help of DJI Osmo, you’ll see the first-hand view on your smartphone and make it better than traditional cinematic cameras.

Equipment Specifications

Battery Quantity 2
Body Quantity 1
Charger Quantity 1
San Disk Memory Card 16 G Quantity 1


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