Camera Slider 120 CM


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Crew art offers a wide range of the latest photography equipment, cameras, lenses, and lighting. We also offer studios equipped with the latest equipment for sound and graphics production, all of this and more under one roof.



Full highlighted proficient camera slider for overwhelming obligation camera frameworks that gives shake-free steadiness and bolster to cameras whereas shooting Use on a tripod, or on a level surface with included detachable and movable legs with non-skid elastic feet. Different 1/4″ & 3/8″ screw gaps on both closes and center for numerous mounting options The dolly slider incorporates a twofold insides rail framework that employments four exactness orientation to include smooth development to any project. Two detachable and legs are too included and can raise the slider to 2 inches off of the ground. You can angle the slider to induce straight flat shots, otherwise, you can slant it on a tripod, position it vertically on a tripod, utilize it as a crane on a tripod, or indeed connect it flipped over on two tripods


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