Graphic Design

Graphic design is effective in solving problems and conveying different ideas in terms of pictures, color, and shape. It helps to communicate complex ideas with absolute simplicity, and there are several types of graphic design, as each type requires specific skills among designers, including

Graphic design of visual identity

Brand design, which is a relationship between the company or project and the target audience. It reflects the identity, personality, tone, and essence of the organization, to communicate those intangible qualities through images, shapes, and colors.

Graphic design for marketing and advertising

Most companies rely on graphic design for marketing and advertising to attract people based on their desires and needs as they find visual content more attractive, graphic design helps organizations promote and communicate more effectively.

Graphic design of the user interface

UI design is the process of designing UI interfaces depending on how the user interacts with a device or application. To facilitate its use and provide an easy user experience as the focus is on designing buttons and menus based on the user’s visual experience to achieve a balance between the aesthetic appeal of the user interface on the one hand and technical functions on the other hand.

Graphic design packaging

Most products require a form of packaging and packaging to protect them and are distributed as a final product for direct access to the consumer, which makes the design of these packages a valuable marketing tool where you can tell the brand story on each bottle, bag or box directly

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