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    Crew Art has already penetrated the multimedia production industry in the United Arab Emirates as one of the leading companies with a branch in Dubai. The same with our branch in Egypt and Jordan.

    Crew art is specialized in Digital Marketing and Audiovisual Production. It is a production house that has fully furnished studios and the latest cameras and Equipment. We also have a specialized team with high efficiency and creativity to present your final project in the highest quality ever under one roof.

    There are different forms of video production, such as Basic, 3D, Infographics, and the prices of packs range from 15,000 Egyptian pounds to 40,000, as they contain several finals professionally videos from 2-12 videos.

    Mobile applications are a great tool in defining the target group according to geographical locations, interests, and a lot. This facilitates accurate communication with them.

    The website is considered one of the basics of electronic marketing, and the cost of creating your website ranges from 15,000 Egyptian pounds to 45,000, depending on business needs.

    We provide all electronic marketing services, website development, mobile applications, social media management, search engine optimization and benefits, and advantages that help you succeed

    To ensure the management of your account and build an integrated strategy and accurate analyzes, management must not be less than three consecutive months to obtain the best results

    The video attracts the audience, in general, more than any other media. This increases the browsing time on the internet, something that positively affects the results of pure engines.

    We have a team with extensive experience in many disciplines. We also have all photocopying equipment, cameras, and studios under one roof, which guarantees high quality and competitive prices.

    Requirements vary according to the type of account, whether it is personal, companies, government. Contact us. We are happy to serve you