Job Summary

We are looking for a technician who can prepare, use, and maintain audio-visual equipment and computers in business, library, academic settings, or in broadcasting.

Responsibilities required

  • The media technician operates all equipment, audio-visual materials, maintenance, production, and efficient troubleshooting. Media technicians schedule and assist with the use of equipment to enhance meetings, lectures, and seminars. Media technicians can also provide instructions on using media and computer technology in the workplace in the form of individual lessons or scheduled courses, depending on the work environment.
  • Audio and video equipment technicians prepare, operate and maintain radio and television broadcasting equipment, concerts, sound recordings, and films, and work in radio and television studios, films and recording

Skills & qualifications

  • Ability to work in logo design, print, color, web layout design, print production, photo selection, and package design
  • Ability to work with staff in full coordination
  • Education or training appropriate for work