Sound Engineer

Job Summary

We are looking for a highly qualified sound engineer with experience in recording and editing music and knowledgeable in setting up and operating various audio equipment and software for sound engineering to guarantee the best results If you are creative we have a good ear to hear.

Responsibilities & required

  • Follow the instructions and give details of the project owner etc.
  • Test equipment and audio devices before starting recording
  • Full knowledge of recording, editing of audio tracks, etc.
  • Add sound effects and improve the sound atmosphere
  • The participation of the staff in the Sync stage of sound and image
  • Create, update and maintain various audio libraries
  • The ability to solve technical faults, if any

Skills & qualifications

  • Technical expertise in sound engineering techniques
  • Experience in audio recording and editing
  • Practical knowledge of the software and hardware used like Protolls
  • Team spirit and cooperation for the best results
  • To have creativity and attention to the smallest details
  • The ability to solve problems