Post-Production Manager

Job Summary

We are looking fro a post manager who can collect and upload full shots in the final-release editing machine. Once he has finished collecting the footage, he must decide to include the editing decision with the manager, which is a series of footage shot. It is also responsible for sound, mixing sound, setting background music tracks and sound effects

Responsibilities & required

  • Oversee the entire post-production process during the specified time period in case of live shows, daily soap, and breaking news stories.
  • Although editing is referred to as invisible art, it can make or break a movie, for which another product bears full responsibility.
  • Responsible for including the correct and error-free credit line for the final product, even one blank window is not accepted in this post.
  • He must be rough in filmmaking and editing techniques and must have
  • Full knowledge of analog and digital art for editing.
  • You should know the latest video editing tools like Final Cut Pro, 3D, and 2D.
  • Multimedia knowledge about Maya will help grow the career future. This is not a beginner’s job and most job producers begin their careers as associate editors.
  • Full knowledge of the editing machine is necessary as it is during the broken machine which should be able to do the troubleshooting job as well.
  • Grades, courses, and certifications after the product
  • Another product must have an advanced degree in production tools yet such as video editing, audio, audio, mix, and remote technologies that influence as well as multimedia

Skills & qualifications

  • You must be very creative and technical.
  • The eye must be in detail as it deals with the smallest unit of visual frame language.
  • He must be able to lead his team of assistant editors and graphic artists for the work assigned to him.