Human Resources – HR

Job Summary

We are looking for a Human Resources Coordinator (HR) who is required to perform a variety of different administrative duties for HR. It will facilitate daily HR functions such as tracking employee records. Your role also includes performing tasks with a focus on developing talent skills in our company and improving our methods of identifying resources to be assigned to the company.

Candidate required for appointment will have to have extensive knowledge of human resources as well as general administrative responsibilities. He will be able to work independently and effectively to ensure the full operation of HR projects and operations. To succeed in this role, you must be familiar with the use of HR software and tools.

Responsibilities required

  • Answer all internal and external inquiries or requests related to the Human Resources department and assist and
  • Forwarding hr calls or distributing correspondence to the right person on the team
  • The government’s policy of reducing the number of people who have been affected by the crisis has been reduced.
  • Contact with other departments or functions (payroll, benefits, etc.)
  • Do the recruitment process by identifying candidates, conduct background checks, help with the shortlist, issue employment contracts, etc.
  • Assisting all different departments in performance evaluation management procedures
  • Schedule all meetings, interviews, human resources events, etc. and maintain the team’s agenda
  • Coordination of training courses and seminars
  • Implementing and merging directives and updating records with new staff
  • Production and submission of all reports on the overall human resources activity
  • Assistance in dedicated human resources projects, such as collecting staff feedback
  • Support all other designated jobs

Skills & qualifications

  • Practical experience as a human resources coordinator or an administrator-related human resources position
  • Comprehensive knowledge of human resources requirements and best practices
  • Powerful ability to use MS Office (MS Excel and MS PowerPoint)
  • Practical experience working on human resources databases and information systems (e.g. virtual edge)
  • The ability to work with ATS software
  • An in-depth understanding of source tools, such as online CV databases and communities
  • Knowledge of employment on social media
  • Outstanding communication and communication skills
  • The ability to deal with data with confidentiality
  • Good organizational skills and time management
  • The government’s policy of “supporting the government of the people of The O’Hare” is a very important and important part of the work of the United States.