Art Director

Job Summary

We are looking for a creative art director who can work and innovate in a fast-paced work environment and loves the challenge of discovering what makes consumers collaborate with the design team to develop a comprehensive concept. The aim is to translate marketing and branding strategies into innovative and impressive campaigns that motivate target audiences.

Responsibilities required

  • Create and propose clear ideas, suggestions, and concepts along with the author of the declarations
  • Producing drawings, comics, roughness to visualize ideas
  • Full understanding of all marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and target audience
  • Fully collaborate with the creative team across different types of media
  • Take action from concept to final implementation within deadlines
  • Managing and devolving responsibilities to other designers and providing guidance
  • Provide complete ideas to clients/team members
  • Stay on top of all trends and maintain best practices

Skills & qualifications

  • Practical experience working as a technical director
  • Hand on experience with logo design, printing, color, web layout design, printing production, photo selection, and package design
  • Efficient use of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or other optical and wire design tools
  • Skills and experience in the design of provable graphics with a strong portfolio
  • Integrate all feedback and take/give direction well
  • Appropriate job-friendly education or training