3D Graphic Designer

Job Summary

We are looking for a 3D design artist to join the work team. He can use computer programs to create three-dimensional visual images and be one of the reasons for the success of the work.

Responsibilities required

  • Contribute to the development of three-dimensional designs for new products.
  • 3D designs revision and improvement for existing products.
  • Manage new and modified 3D design documents.
  • Understand business requirements and the ability to develop high-quality designs accordingly.
  • Develop all design layouts for complex projects using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools.
  • Development of drawings and prototypes for the final choice of product designs.
  • 3D design review and recommendations.
  • Specify materials, engineering standards, and general parts for 3D product designs.
  • Present designs to clients and internal teams.
  • Participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Skills & qualifications

  • Full proficiency in displaying artworks in a Willing to work with other Artistic talent and computer skills
  • Creativity