Top HeadLines in 2018

Many of events and new are happened in 2018, some of the people felt that it was a very happy year and it brought to them the Luck personal life or in business like, however the others felt that it was a hell of year and, Crew art Production harvest all the news, events and the updates on the digital marketing field...

1- Top 5 Social media updates in 2018:

A-what's app update:

A new update for what's app to stop spreading rumours and fabricated news is decided to prevent users from sharing any content for more than 5 people, What do you think, updates is useful?

B-Instagram voice message update:

On 10 December Instagram enables you to send voice messages to your friends in a direct message, just open any conversation and record your voice, this feature and the update is rolling out now for iOS and Android users.

C- Facebook stories ads update:

10/9 Facebook enables brands to create new experiences for, via the platform's stories option, Facebook will provide you with more option to reach more audiences at your platform.

D- Shopping in Instagram stories is here:

in 10/9 Instagram releases this u[pdate that enables you to Create more interactive and engaging shopping experiences by adding product stickers to your Instagram stories

How it works:

  • 1- make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app and have converted your account to a business profile.

  • 2- make sure you're an admin page or business manager account associated with the Instagram account.

  • 3- make sure you're selling physical commodities, not services.

E- update:

this Chinese built app is structured to replace snapchat. Users can choose the video soundtracks with different filters and effects, also the users can create a video from 15 seconds to 1 minute. overall, is a well-connected community and it has a lot of features to edit your videos. - We see that social media grow up every single day and it becomes not only for fun with friends and family but in the last few years it began to be one of the main business and marketing channels.

2 - top 5 sports events that took place in 2018:

- 2018 was a great year on the Egyptian sport in all fields, first in football as the Egyptian football team had returned to the world cup after being absent for 28 years, and this year had seen a lot of individual titles in squash, Paralympic Games, and surely we don’t the beloved one Mo Salah, as well as the international sports in all fields like football, handball, Tennis, so let’s talk about the most important sports events in 2018:

A- Europe of handball championship 2018:

Croatia has hosted Europe of handball championship from 12 to 28 January, Spain won their first title for the first time in their history after a magnificent second half propelled the former world champions to a 29-23 win over the 16-nation tournament’s surprise package Sweden in the final.

B- FIFA football World Cup 2018:

After waiting 4 long years the FIFA football world cup had come again in Russia this time from 14 June to 15 July, the tournament had seen a lot of interesting matches with a lot of fun and surprises, France won the World Cup 2018 after beating Croatia 4/2 and the French team won its first world cup title in 1998 on its homeland and between her crowd, This time there was nobody more excited than French president Emmanuel Macron.

C-The Egyptian King (Mohamed Salah) 2018 Main trophies:

Egyptian player Mohamed Salah has made a historical start with the English club Liverpool FC on his first season and won many individual titles this year:

  • 1-Top scorer of the premier league.

  • 2-Best player in Africa.

  • 3-Fifa Puskas Award for best goal in 2018 after beats Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

  • 4-Best player in the premier league.

  • 5-The 3rd best player in the world.

D- The most impressive Egyptian individual game's titles in 2018:

Egypt has always been unique in individual games. One of the most achievements of this year was the Egyptian swimmer "Farida Osman" the golden fish during Mediterranean games the tournament started from 22 June to 1 July, in 12Oct the star squash "Ranim Al walili" won on the American Squash Championship and on the other hand Mohamed Ehab breaks world record at the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) championships and got 3 gold.

E- Tennis Grand Slam championships 2018 winners:

In tennis "grand slam" Novak Djokovic wins "us open" after beating Juan Martin del Porto, in "Wimbledon" Novak Djokovic wins too after beats Kevin Anderson, "French open" Rafael Nadal defeats "Dominic Thiem" and Roger Federer wins "Australian open" after defeats Marin Cilic. - At last we need to estate the importance of sports in exchanging habits, traditions, religions of different people and the most important one we need to talk about is humanity in which we had seen a lot of scenes in 2018 that had figured these principals in all playgrounds which highlight the real meaning of sports which is not only to win a title but to win respect and then the title comes next.

3-The latest high fashion for winter 2018-2019:

Fashion and the latest local and international fashion are among the most popular things most people are looking for… Through this article, we will show you the latest fashion trends in 2018.

1-Leather jacket fashion of winter 2018-2019.

Leather returns to the fashion arena again during this winter. Although it was an old cry and gradually disappeared it came back strongly. If you make a tour of the stores, you will find them very popular. And there is some popular leather jacket.

2- Looking for a suitable and elegant hat? These are the highlights of Winter 2019:

  • A - French hat:

  • B - cap hat:

  • C - wool hat
3- winter 2018 jacket for children:

The latest jacket winter for children this year The most important thing for any mother is caring for her children to wearing warming and comfortable clothes especially in the winter, and those jackets are the latest fashion for winter 2018-2019.

4- Fashion winter 2019 for men:

With the entry of the winter, the first thing to put in the fashion world is coats and the coat appeared in shows for fashion houses like "dress fan noten" and "shailan and denial fletcher"

5- Winter 2019 preferred Colors:

An old belief that winter is the season of the dark, especially black, brown and grey. But recent international fashion shows have changed this belief and made winter clothes vibrant and attractive colours light and dark. The 2019 winter colours are full of bold colour that will add elegance and sparkle to your winter look this season. Light and dark red

  • Pink.

  • Purple.

  • Blue.

  • Brown.

  • Orange.

4 - Technology:

Technology is every day evolving, but always we facing a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but at the end, it's very important in our daily lives, and this is the most important technology news for 2018.

1-the best mobiles for under 2000 L.E:

The important features are:

The important features are:

"Tecno camon cx ain"


    • A- Battery with a capacity of 3000 MA:

    • B-large 5-inch screen.

    • "Infinix hot 5"

    • A- Two tranches.

    • B- 8megapixel rear camera.

    • The important features are:

    • A- Fast shipping feature.

    • B- Ability to play the most powerful multimedia files.

  • PUBG mobile wins 3 google play award PUBG mobile is a survival game and It's no surprising it was won a lot of awards at google play in 2018 like:

    • A- Best game of 2018.

    • B- Fan favourite game.

    • C- Most competitive title.

    So, are you playing it?

    3- Fifth generation on the doors:

    5G mobile internet could be launched as early as 2019 in some countries, download speeds 10 to 20 times promising faster than we have now. Mobile internet much faster uploads and download, Whatever we do now with our smartphones we will be able to do that faster and better. When do you expect to launch this feature in Egypt?

    4- A new internet

    "This internet is trash. We ruined it. Some people recognize this and are trying to figure out a new approach that might be better. For instance, Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, has a startup called Irrupt that’s working on a “decentralized” version of the web that would give users more control over their own data and how it’s spread and shared around the world. Everyone working on a new internet offers sketchy ideas about decentralizing the web, most prominently developers working in the blockchain world. Every developer has a different version of how this will work out but the common idea is to use some kind of peer-to-peer network and locally-run decentralized apps to cut the tech giants out and give you more secure control over your data. This would make the web harder to censor, nullify monopolies, and maybe even create new economies in which you can profit individually from the web activity that you currently give away for free. This isn’t an achievable goal in 2019 but marks our words, you’ll see more people joining the push for a new web and more concrete ideas for how it’ll work. As more mid-level engineers find themselves dissatisfied with their work and more tech leaders decide they want to right their wrongs, this movement will only gain momentum. Maybe don’t get too excited: There’s always the threat of the same old masters of the universe getting behind the new internet and finding a way to reassert control. And, of course, as flawed humans, we’ll find a way to screw this all up on our own before we rip it up and start again." Source:

    5- The folding phone are coming:

    By the end of 2018, the giants of smartphone companies in the world, with the beginning of the New Year, will be offering their smartphones to the 2019 party, the start of a new race among these companies in this category of smart mobile devices. The first of these folding phones came from an obscure name in the world of smartphones when the Chinese company Royale revealed the new device called "Flex Bay", which is closer in size to a tablet and can belong, This device is already available for sale on the company's website at a price starting at the US $ 1588, and is based on an 8.7-inch screen, the Snape Dragon 8150, and an operating system called Water OS, But this operating system singer, means a lot of difficulties to search for applications compatible with the device, and that the name of the submarine company may make users think. So, are you interesting?
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