Main Upcoming Sports Events in 2019

2019 is going to be witness on a lot of exciting sports events in all fields of sports like football, handball, tennis, boxing and other athletics games, let’s talk about the main sports events in 2019 in the following article:


The pulse of people and The language for all countries, there is no discrimination with a country and another, it can to cry us and make us happy at the same moment, simply it's the power of Football.

AFC Asian Cup 2019:

2019 is going to be a very crowded year with football events let’s start with January that will have a very exciting start for the year with Asian Cup (AFC) that will be hosted by United Arab Emirates (UAE) after hosting the championship for the second time after 23 years from only time in 1996, Saudi Arabia was the title winner after winning United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the penalty kicks after drawing in the match and extra time 0-0 in the cup final, this year champion will start with the clash between the hosting team and Bahrain on Zaid sports city stadium in Abu Dhabi at Saturday 5 January and ends at 1 February on Zaid sports city stadium in Abu Dhabi.

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019:

Then we have June that will be really crowded month with football events all over the world starting with the 8th women’s world cup 2019 that will be hosted by France for the first time between 7 June and 7 July, after the last tournament at Canada 2015 that was won by united states of America (USA) after beating Japan 5-2 in the final.

Copa America 2019:

Then we travel to brazil that will host the tournament no. 64 of Copa America from 14 June to 7 July, with the attendance of 12 nations divided into 3 groups, the last tournament was a special edition Copa America Centenaro that was hosted by the united states of America (USA) on 2016, and the winner was Chile after beating Argentina (4-2) by penalty kicks after ending the match and extra time tided 0-0.

FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019:

Another interesting tournament is going to take place in Poland, were the 22nd edition of FIFA U-20 World Cup will take place, the tournament that doesn’t take a big public media attention, while the football clubs, especially in Europe, find it as a big chance to find the future stars, the which 24 nations football teams will compete to win the title.


2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup:

Then we go United States of America was 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup takes place for the 15 times in the USA as she had hosted all the tournament past 11 versions as the only host and 4 shared with other countries (Mexico (twice)-costa Rica- Canada), the championship that only knew 3 winners all over 14 past tournaments who are (USA (6)-Mexico (7)-Canada (1)), this year tournament is going to special event for the championship as there will be 16 competing teams for the first time after there only 12 team.


Africa Cup of Nations 2019:

After that we travel to Africa were Egypt hosts the 32 edition of the African cup of nations for the 4th time that Egypt hosts this championship after last time in 2006, this year tournament will be a special edition with the participation of 24 nations for the first time in a new version of the tournament after it was held by only 16 teams, the tournament will take place from 15 June to 13 July 2019, the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 will see a fresh new teams in the African cup of nations like Mauritania who will attend for her first time, Africa Cup of Nations 2019 will be special for the Egyptian football team as he hosts the beloved championship for the Egyptians as their football team was the runner up in the last edition in Gabon 2017 after losing the final match 1-2 in front of Cameroon, and the most title winner with 6 titles the last title was in Angola 2010.

FIFA U-17 World Cup Peru 2019:

Peru will host the 18th edition of men world cup u-17 championship 2019 after Rwanda had withdrawn from hosting the tournament, it’s the second time that Peru hosts the championship after 2005, there are 24 nations competing for the trophy this year, the tournament has high level of importance especially for the European football clubs that always looks for the youngsters that shine in this tournament all over the past versions like Ronaldinho in Egypt 1997.


Grand slam

the grand slam tournaments are the collection of the biggest four tennis championships of every year it starts with.

Australian Open 2019 (Melbourne):

Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia is going to host the events of Australian Open tennis tournament during the period 14-27 Jan 2019, where the tournament will be held with the attendance of the big three:1- Roger Federer (El Maestro): ranked the world 3rd player, the Australian Open title holder 6 times last time was in 2018 after beating Marin Čilić 3 groups for  2- Rafael Nadal (El Matador): ranked the world 2nd player, the Australian Open title holder only 1 time was 2009 after beating Roger Federer 3 groups for 2. 3- Novak Djokovic (Nola): the world 1st player, the Australian Open title holder 6 times last time was 2018 after beating Andy Murray 3 groups to null for Murray. Where there are also some great compotators that threats the big three for this year title like Martin Del Potro, Marin Čilić the runner up last year, the Japanese Nel Kishikori and the powerful server John Isner. For women competition, we have the Australian lady Margaret Smith court with 11 titles and a wonderful straight run with 7 titles from 1960 to 1966.

French Open 2019 (Roland-Garros) (Paris):

The second tournament of the grand slam world series, that takes place in June, on the French land specify in Paris the French capital and it’s the most important tournament that played on clay ground, where the most winning player of this championship is the matador (Rafael Nadal) the king of the clay playgrounds with 11 titles in Roland-Garros, and total of 17 titles of grand slam tournaments, for women competition the American Chris Evert dominates with 7 titles.

Wimbledon 2019 (London):

2019 Wimbledon Championships is going to held in July 2019, Wimbledon is considered the oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament that is played on grass ground, the world record of this tournament titles winner goes to the Swiss Roger Federer (El Maestro) how had won 8 Wimbledon titles 5 of them was in row from 2004 to 2008 and the last one was on 2017, not only Roger Federer also won another 12 grand slam titles, deserving the maestro title, and in the women competition the most title winner is Martina Navratilova with 9 titles 6 of them in row from 1981 to 1987.

US Open 2019 (Miami):

US open is The last grand slam tournament of the year that is held in Miami (USA) in August 2019, US Open is played on a solid playground, the most title winner is shared between 3 players who are (Jimmy Connors – Pete Sampras – Roger Federer) each one of this players had won the title 5 times, and in women competition most title winner is the American Serena Williams with 6 titles.

ATP Masters Tour

Then We have the ATP World Masters series with 9 exciting tournaments with a 1000-point trophy for each, starts with:

BNP Paribas open:

The ATP masters tour starts with the BNP Paribas open also known as (Indian Wells Open), the tournament was first held from 45 years ago since 1974, BNP Paribas open is played outdoors on solid playground surface that is hosted by California (USA) In March from every year.

Miami open:

Miami open is one of the ATP masters tour tournaments, that is held every year in Florida (USA) at March, the tournament was first held from 34 years ago in 1985, Miami open is played outdoor on a solid surface playground.

Monte-Carlo open:

Monte-Carlo open has first held from 122 years ago in 1897, the tournament that held in April every year in Monaco (France), the tournament is played outdoors over clay surface.

Madrid Open:

Madrid open had first held in 2002 on Madrid arena till 2007 then changed the hosting playground to be Caja Magica since 2009, the tournament is played indoor over a hard surface, the tournament is used to be held on may in Madrid (Spain).

Italian open:

Italian open is also known by Internazionali BNL d'Italia and it was originally called the Italian International Championships, the tournament was first held from 89 years ago in 1930, the tournament is used to be played in Rome (Italy) on May from every year, the tournament is played outdoor on a clay surface.

Canadian open:

Canadian open is also known as Rogers Cup, the tournament that first held from 138 years ago in 1881, the tournament is used to be held in August of every year in Montreal and Toronto (Canada), the tournament is played outdoors on a hard surface playground.

Cincinnati Masters:

Cincinnati Masters open is also known as Western & Southern Open, the tournament was first held from 120 years ago in 1899, the tournament takes place in Cincinnati (USA) on August of every year, the championship is played outdoors over a hard surface playground.

Shanghai Masters:

Shanghai Masters is also known as Shanghai Rolex Masters, the tournament had been first held from 10 years ago in 2009, the tournament is hosted by Shanghai (china) every year on October, Shanghai masters is played outdoors over a hard surface playground.

Paris Masters:

Paris Masters that is also known as Rolex Paris Masters, the tournament was first held from 51 years ago in 1968, Paris Masters is held in Paris (France) every on October, the tournament was used to play outdoors on carpet surface from 1968 to 1982 then it began to be played on a hard surface since 1986.


Handball was codified at the end of the 19th century in Denmark, and become one of the most popular team sport that has a big size of fans and followers all over the world.

World Men's Handball Championship 2019:

IHF World Men's Handball Championship 2019 is going to be the first handball world cup that held in two countries by share, Germany and Denmark will be the first countries to do this, the tournament will be held from 10 to 27 January, in 6 cites 2 in Denmark and 4 in Germany, the championship is going to be a very exciting one because of the presence of 24 teams, the 26th version of the tournament will see a special event by the participation of the unified Korean team for the first time, the last year championship was the 3rd time that France hosts the World Men's Handball Championship, France was 2018 world cup title winner and that was the 6 time in the championship history as the most team that wins the handball world cup title.

World Women's Handball Championship 2019:

IHF World Women's Handball Championship 2019 is hosted by Japan for the first time to host the handball women’s world cup, the tournament is going to be held from 30 November to 15 December, 24 team from 5 confederations is going to participate in the tournament, Russia is the most title winner with 4 titles with 3 straight wins in tournaments 2005, 2007 and 2009.


Other sports


African games 2019:

Morocco is going to host the 12th edition of the African games from 23 August to 3 September, Morocco will host the tournament in Casablanca and Rabat for the first time the tournament is played in more than one city, the tournament is going to see the compete of 53 different African nations, Egypt is the highest score in the last 11 African cups with 548 gold, 406 silver, 408 bronze medal in total of 1362 medal.

World Weightlifting Championships 2019:

Pattaya Thailand is going to host the 85th edition of the World Weightlifting Championships 2019, this had started since 1891 as a championship for men only when the women championship has been added since 1987, the most titles holders by country is China as 295 different medals in men competitions and 186 different medals for Chinese women, as individual titles the Russian weightlifter Vasily Aleksevev in weight 110+ kg has dominated 8 golden medals in row from 1970 to 1977, and in female competition there are too many champs. That had to be listed like the Chinese weightlifters Peng Liping, Li Yan and the Russian Nadezhda Evstyukhina.

AIBA World Boxing Championships 2019:

Sochi (Russia) is going to host the 20th edition of the AIBA World Boxing Championships 2019 from 7-21 September, this year tournament is going to see the competence in 10 different boxer’s weights from light flyweight to super heavyweight, in men’s edition the most country titles holder goes to Cuba with 76 gold, 34 silver, 25 bronze medal and 135 medals in total, and in individual the Cuban boxer Félix Savón Fabre with 6 gold and 1 silver medal in total of 7 medals, and in women edition we have the domination of Russia with 21 gold, 10 silver and 23 bronze in total of 54 medals, individually the Indian boxer Mary Kom with 6 gold and 1 silver medal in total of 7 medals.

World Championships in Athletics 2019:

El Doha Qatar’s capital is going to host the 17th edition of the World Championships in Athletics 2019 from 27 September to 6 October, this edition of the IAAF World Championships will a very special event for Qatar and the middle east region sports event management history, the last tournaments had seen USA athletics domination on the medals with 155 gold, 106 silver, 91 bronze medal and in total of 352 medals total.

World Aquatics Championships 2019:

Gwangju in South Korea will host the 18th edition of World Aquatics Championships 2019 that will be held from 12 to 28 July, the last tournament was held in Budapest (Hungary) 2017 and the next one will be in Fukuoka (Japan) 2021, the USA had dominated the titles with 253 gold, 193 silver and 140 bronze medal in total of 586 medals, for individual the "Baltimore bullet" Michael Phelps had won 26 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze medal in total of 33 medal, and in the women competitions we have the Russian Natalia Ishchenko with 19 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals in total of 33 medal.

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