Crew Art Production has already successfully penetrated the multimedia production industry in the UAE as one of the most prominent companies with our branch in Ajman. Same with our branch in Egypt and Jordan. Crew art Production is specialized in video, photo, and audio production. It is a production house that owns fully furnished sound recording studio. Crew Art has own latest video and audio equipment that allows it to give a high-qualified final project.


Crew Art is on a mission to grow up your business and help you to achieve your goals with all the services you want under one roof, at the same spot, and through that, to achieve our vision. Crew Art will make you invest your money, and you will gain it back more than double in terms of customers.


We are targeting on becoming a media production master house and an advertising lead in the Middle East. A place where you renew your expenses every time you make a deal with every single time you invest a single amount of money, you get them back doubled as ROI.

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