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Crew Art Digital Marketing and Media Production company were established in the United Arab Emirates in 2013, and with the participation of a professional team, we were able to find the best solutions in the field of Digital Marketing. Not only that, but we have succeeded in developing carefully thought-out plans aimed at reaching the target audience and achieving the best results for many small and medium businesses in various fields, We have brought together all the Digital Marketing services, especially Media Production, under one roof with high quality and competitive prices. We moved to Egypt – Cairo, in 2016, where the company was equipped with the latest modern technologies participation of a professional team in the field of Digital Marketing Media production. To create new opportunities and participate in the success stories of many upcoming projects within beloved Egypt

crew art who we are

Who Are We

Crew Art has already penetrated the multimedia production industry in the United Arab Emirates as one of the leading companies with a branch in Dubai. The same with our branch in Egypt and Jordan.

Crew art is specialized in Digital Marketing and Audiovisual Production. It is a production house that has fully furnished studios and the latest cameras and Equipment. We also have a specialized team with high efficiency and creativity to present your final project in the highest quality ever under one roof.

crew art who we are


Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by establishing profitable and lasting professional partnerships based on the highest level of respect, loyalty, and service while we strive to provide innovative multimedia production and turn-key marketing solutions, that help your business grow and communicate better with your audience in a creative way under one roof.

crew art who we are


We aspire to be an advertising leader in the Middle East. And building a place where you find everything you need in the marketing field to be the place to double your profits when you make a deal or invest an amount of money.


Our Staff Team

We are always looking to develop and grow our team with people who have the energy

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